When a relationship unravels, it rarely brings out the best in people. As strong emotions kick in and stress levels rise, it doesn’t take much for an ordinarily reasonable person to transform into someone irrational and emotionally reactive.

Logic and reason might seem like the best solution for bringing calm to any discussion about separation. The only problem? It rarely gets the results people need at that time. If you’ve ever felt stumped, personally or professionally, by how to support a warring couple or bickering parents, this event is for you.

Watch this webinar above to learn:

• The potential benefits of an interdisciplinary collaborative process and how that can lead to better outcomes.

• Why logic and reason don’t always work and what to try instead.

• Practical strategies to help separating couples get unstuck and shift their perspective.

• One of the most effective engagement skills every professional should have in their back pocket.

This webinar was recorded as part of our VACP Community Event, Wednesday 16 September 2020. Webinar presented by Houston based divorce expert, Christina McGhee

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