Why have a Psychologist/Counsellor on the Collaborative Team?

Experience has taught us that separation is not just a legal or financial issue.
Separation involves accepting the loss of a previously loving relationship and the dream that it would always be so.
Where there are children, this loss occurs while trying to strengthen a co-parenting relationship, for the sake of children.
How do separating couples cope with the emotional turmoil while trying to stay calm and rational for settlement negotiations?
Where there are children, parenting arrangements need to be made, in the children`s best interests. How tough is that, when you are angry, overwhelmed, sad, resentful, anxious or fearful?
Having a Psychologist or Counsellor (called the Family Consultant) on the team, who is experienced in understanding the emotional impact that separation has, on individuals and families is essential for their well being.

  • The Family Consultant assists the individuals with emotional management, conflict coaching and healthy communication skills. This results in:
  • Best preparation for the settlement process
  • Coping with the emotional roller coaster, that separation often feels like
  • An opportunity for healthy relationships post separation
  • Children being able to thrive during and after their parents` separation
  • Healing from past hurts and being able to move forward with inner peace

These are just some of the reasons why separating couples benefit from having a Family Consultant on the collaborative team.

We of course recommend looking at collaborative practice is the perfect option for addressing all of the issues you face. Check out our practitioner directory.

Take care of your family and contact VACP at www.vacp.com.au or admin@vacp.com.au if you are in the process of or considering separating.